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01 December 2008

Scrappy 9 Patch Part Deux

Just a few of the motifs quilted into the snowballs on my scrappy 9 patch over the weekend. I still have seven left to work, but at least all the decisions have been made about what to quilt where. Some of these designs have gone faster than others of course. No telling what this monster will look like when it is all finished, but it really has been fun to play with.


  1. Wow! The quilting looks great!

  2. The quilting in this blocks looks great! I'm sure the finished quilt will be wonderful.

  3. Monster indeed! Its a sleeping beauty just waiting to go on display!

  4. Very original, Looks great! I have to learn to think beyond piecing a quilt! Quilting add so much!

    Happy Quilting!



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