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28 January 2009

Now, Don't Laugh...

...but it's wintertime here. This is it.

Super-severe, close the schools for the day, wintertime. It sleeted last night and froze to the streets and tree branches. I stepped out into the yard to take a few glittery ice pictures. We'll probably get another day of winter like this one sometime in February and then it will be over for the year.

Oh yah, a picture from my garden, too. Frozen spinach anyone?


  1. Ya, looks very severe :))

    We've got about 3 inches here in PA and my lovely husband shoveled this morning, but it turn to ice and i had to shovel ice, not too much fun shoveling ice!

    Happy sewing!

    P.S. I can't wait to see your double delight version!


  2. lol ... such terrible weather there in your nice warm state.
    We had sleet and snow this morning but it is now gone now it's just cold here. low 30s brrrr


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