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26 January 2009

Triangles Triangles Everywhere

...and not an edge to pink.

Has ever an innocent stack of triangles loomed so menacingly? Respite, respite I demand! I know, I'll go work on my only other currently frolicking project, the cranston fruit blocks. I'm piecing a border for it.

Noooooooo! The border for that top is made entirely of...60 square in square blocks!

Terpsichore! Save me!


  1. swooze quickly takes tirane's temp.....hmmm.....

  2. You just can't get away from them. They multiply like tribbles.

    You can do it though! Just work on a few at a time, or go at it like a freight train...but you can do it...

  3. wwwhhhhaaaaa -- in my best spooky voice... !
    told ya so, told ya so,,,
    yes, they do multiply! I still have 200 more to sew to finish my square in a square!


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