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10 September 2009

The Instigator Justified

Beth has finished her random boxes and they are BEAUTIFUL! Get a load of this:

she has used her signature colorwork - several coordinating fabrics with one color that reaches out and grabs you by the throat (or maybe pokes you in the eye - I guess it depends on her mood). This top is so lovely in person. I can't wait to see what she does for the back and the quilting.

Sure, I bullied her. I pestered her from the day she said she'd play along with me on this quilt until last week when I found out she was assembling the blocks. But LOOK! It was so worth it.
Ok, here they are side by side, Beth's and mine...

The benefits of seeing two quilts in the same pattern worked in totally different colorways are just too numerous to be believed. Go find a friend and try this for yourself. Pick a pattern or create one of your own and get after it. Comment me here when you do and I'll link your work in. I'd love to see it.


  1. It is Beautiful. Inspires me to get back to working on my blocks.

  2. They're both amazing! I love the turquoise "pop". Great work ladies.

  3. Both are great quilts - love the pattern. That teal really does pop out at you - I really like that.

  4. great job on both of them! amazing how different they look

  5. Are you planning to put the directions on your sidebar? I can't seem to find your post that gave the directions. You might see a little extra traffic over the next few days. I mentioned I am making this quilt on Stashbuster.

  6. Very cool...would love this pattern also. The blue really makes and impact. Browns and blues are one of my favorite color combos...even on cards.

  7. don't know which i like better!


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