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18 September 2009

Random Box Follow-up

Beth and I have received several requests for the pattern for this quilt. I've worked it up as a web pattern for you HERE. Free. Have at it. If you make this quilt and it wins ribbons in your local show, please credit me for the design and Peg at IvyArts for the inspiration since it was her quilt that inspired mine. Thank you all for your lovely comments and emails on both quilts. To the most common question asked on all of them, no, we haven't chosen another pattern to work yet, but it never takes us long to choose another and yes we will happily consider any pattern you suggest!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting the directions to the random boxes quilt. I love your quilt...the color combos are some of my favs. I've used browns and blues in cards sometimes.


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