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02 October 2009

At It Again


Millie shared a customer quilt with the world a few days ago. It really caught my eye. I fiddled around with it in EQ6 for a while and decided I liked it best just like it was. Didn't really want to do red and beige though. I showed it to Beth - you can see what's coming, can't you? - and she said it would look really good in black and white (she's been wanting to try black and white for a while now). This time though I was thinking icy winter colors (pale blue and grey). What a switch! So stay tuned for the latest breaking news as this one unfolds.

...and here's the EQ6 version of what I'll be working up.


  1. use batiks and that should really make a great quilt! and I know just where you can get them.. HOUSTON!

  2. lovely pattern ... I can see it in black and brights or pastels and white or 30s and white or .... of course my favorite ... blue and white or cream. whatever you do it in ... it will of course be fabulous!

  3. You guys are at it again! I love that pattern.


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