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07 December 2009

Quilted Greenie

Faith an' begorrah! I've finally uploaded pictures of my finished green and beige quilt. I'm just posting two of them here. The rest can be found by following THIS link if you want to see them. I have to confess though - I pulled a newbie stunt and used a dull needle all the way through the quilting without really even realizing what I'd done to myself. It doesn't quite mess up the tension to do this, but it did leave me with lots of little green dots of thread showing through the back (I used neutral in the bobbin). Luckily for me I got this 2 x 4 to the head reminder on my own quilt instead of a customer quilt. Chant it with me, "change the needle every ten machine hours even if it still looks pointy."

1 comment:

  1. if you can see the green thingys from a galloping horse, then you got trouble - otherwise, don't sweat it! ( and it's your quilt grinning )
    Beth in Dallas


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