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23 January 2010

eine kleine helles Nähen

It isn't quilting really, but it did use up a bit of my stash.  :)  I just need to do something ELSE once in a while so I made one of these wallets.  I've had the pattern so long I can't remember who made it.  A cursory search of the internet didn't yield anything.  If any of you remember who made the original pattern let me know so I can apply proper credit. 

FOUND IT!  Lazy Girls Designs Wonder Wallet!

Seems like it was referred to as having a magic coin pocket.  Yah, bad memory.  The whole thing goes together in less than 30 minutes from fabric selection to adding credit cards and coin.


  1. very cool! now, be a good friend and put your money and your credit cards in it and send to me
    Beth in Dallas

  2. Very nice and I like your selection of fabrics. Geez, Quilter in Paradise doesn't ask much of you, huh? LOL


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