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17 January 2010

January Quiltathon Day 2

09:24 Sunday

Woke up in my own time instead by the alarm (slept until 8, can you imagine?!), took way too long in a very steamy shower, fixed myself a big mug of strong black coffee and came straight up here to see how everyone is doing on their Quiltathon weekend.  I really enjoy reading the reports everyone makes along the way.

This morning Terpsichore and I will be working on Beth's quilt and I'll post a picture in an hour or two.

FINAL EDIT Monday 21:00

You'd think I could get a simple picture to upload.  It isn't even a spectacular picture.  Just some leaves.  Lots of leaves to quilt on this one.  At any rate, here's the promised picture.

1 comment:

  1. you are going to grow leaves by the time you are done doing this!


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