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14 February 2010

Witty Eye-Grabbing Title

09:40 Sunday

Good morning one and all!  I have several things to do today in the studio.  First up is showing you the layout ideas from yesterday's work. 

Especially for babies, I like the idea of leaving some holes in the layout by using solid wow squares instead of some of the snowballs.  The other layout seems a bit too busy to me.  Plus the extra white space will give me an opportunity to exercise Terpsichore a little more.  I like the color block border, but I'm not married to it.  If any other good border treatment ideas occur to you, please leave me a note.  I'm feeling experimental and have enough blocks for two or three quilts.

Next up will be some organizational items for me.  I need to get some fabrics put away so the table will be clean enough to work on, and the Hunter's Star quilt is still just an idea, so I should get things cut for that.  Later in the day I'll start assembly on the snowballs.

I'll post updates from time to time today unless the electricity gets moody again.

Go forth and quilt things!  or at least enjoy other quiltathoners' blog posts.  :)


  1. well you've been a busy girl! how much did you get done?
    and don't even ask me... I got the blocks in rows together for the beach cottage quilt, have to sew rows together and put on borders.
    see, I HAVE done something!

  2. I like them both but agree with that the one to the right will be more eye pleasing. Great job on these snowball blocks. Kinda fits in with your weather.

  3. I like both layouts, and I like the color block border, but I thought you were going to use all those itty-bitty HST's? Got them pressed yet?

  4. What an interesting idea, I like it!


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