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05 February 2010

Working At It

Finished quilts can be really glamorous.  Chain piecing the zillions of little bits to make the top really isn't.  My reward for all this hard work?  I will get to cut off all those corners (they've been double seamed already), press them, square them, and use them in a border.  Yep, 800 of them.


  1. Oh my. Hey, are those the ginghams I brought over a long time ago?....can't wait to see what you make with them.

  2. 800! oh my word! I would have to do those in stages as leaders and enders or I'd never have finished them.
    I hope to pull the quilt outta the box today and get the binding done and get a photo posted of it soon.
    Thanks for quilting it for me!

  3. I like to double seam mine too and then I just drop them in this deep drawer I have. Someday I want to make a pinwheel quilt out of them - all different sizes of blocks.


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