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31 May 2010

Laying It Out

Yah Babs, I got your back!  Here are the two centers that Babs was going "Hmmmmmmm" about at the meeting a few days back.  I know Edna will speak up if she thinks of anything, but ALL comments and suggestions are welcome here.

First, the pink/purple 20 patch center:

...and now the layout I came up with:

This layout reminds me of a child's birthday party.

Ok, next up is her fall colors rail fence center - beautifully done, but too small for a useable quilt (just right for a wall hanging maybe):

This one immediately made me think of the baggie full of maple leaf blocks Babs left over here (I'm ashamed to say nearly two years ago!) for me to think up something for. So here's how I think we can combine them:

Now especially on the maple rails I'd like some input from blogland. I think the idea is a good one, but somehow the implementation looks a little weak. Do we need another color border around the center medallion to seperate it some? Something pieced perhaps? Am I the only one who think the center washes into the background a little too much?

Any thoughts are welcome of course.

What do you think, Babs?


  1. Wow, I LOVE what you came up with for the pink/purple one. The circles really set off those blocks.

    The Maple Rails arrangement is great but you're right, it needs something. Either more of the ivory background close to the center section, or maybe eliminate any maple leaves that are cut in half. There does need to be more distinction between the center and the borders, though, I think.

    They will both be beautiful when you're done!

  2. too many leaves - cut out some and save for something else.
    another border wouldn't hurt either.
    how about a different color for the outer border? maybe a dark.. purple, orange, red/rust? or make the cream stay, smaller, then a darker?
    over all a great plan, I like the center on point

    like the purple and pinks, too, who will execute the circles?

  3. I love what you did with the patch quilt. Circles....who is appliqueing all those? :D

    I see what you are saying about center. Maybe make the setting triangles right next to the center all muslin/white (whatever you are using) to give you lots of quilting space and then just put the maple leaf blocks as a border around that.

  4. OK, you are going to force me to learn how to applique aren't you?!

    I LOVE the circles...I'll gather some pinks and purples for our next get together and someone's gonna have to show me what to do. We can do that after I finish the borders on the spiderweb.

    I agree with their ideas about the Fall quilt- I think take out the 1/2 leaves and have some cream area for your wonderful quilting and then some leaves. Not sure I like the scrappy border idea but let me think about it.

    thanks as always for your help :)

  5. Those circles are a great idea! I forget about circles in amongst all the squares and triangles.

  6. You did great on both layouts.

    I think you have gotten some good suggestions, but I must say, I like the half leaves. Maybe just add another inner border to make the center pop a little more.


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