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05 May 2010

Quilter's Genesis

In the beginning there were dressmaking scraps;
and the dressmaking scraps were small and varied and without cohesive purpose;
and the quilter saw the scraps and recognized the possibility of a pattern;
and the quilter called forth the pattern from the scraps;
and the quilter saw the pattern; that it was good, and the quilter divided the pattern from the remnants.
and the top and the backing were the first quilt.

and the quilter thought of all she owed her parents and the quilter thought, "I could make another".
and the quilter rummaged through the remnants and the scraps and divided them into color groups;
and the quilter made a top from the color groups and the first TATW was made and the quilter saw that it was good.
and the top and the backing were the second quilt.

and the quilter's college friend announced his marriage;
and the quilter thought, "I could do it again".
and the quilter purchased fabrics and sorted through the remnants and read a book and chose a pattern.
and the quilter imitated the attic window patterned quilt, altering it slightly to fit the recipient.
and the quilter used a bedsheet for the back;
and the top and the backing were the third quilt.

and the quilter's brother announced his wedding;
and the quilter purchased more fabric and without even glancing at the remnants chose a pattern and created a strip quilt. 
and the quilter quilted this one elaborately by hand and it took thirteen years to complete;
and the quilter used a different bedsheet for the back.
and the top and the backing were the fourth quilt.

and the quilter made her daughters bunkbeds and realized that matching quilts would be darling;
and the quilter went to the store and bought the same home dec fabric that was used for the kids' curtains and two mint green bedsheets;
and the quilter saw that the mint green and the jungle print together were good,
and she made quickie whole cloth quilts for their beds.
and the tops and the backs were the fifth and sixth quilts.

and the quilter realized she could make a quilt for each wedding her friends committed and each baby her many friends bore thenceforward without ever having to consult a wedding or baby registry;
and she brought forth quilts abundantly in blacks, whites, brights, pastels and neutrals. 
she created quilts with traditional and paper piecing, even with applique; she created quilts for utility and quilts for show; she created quilts from her own fertile imagination and from purchased patterns; she created quilts for profit and quilts for charity.
and the quilts did quickly multiply and fill her house to overflowing.
and the quilter saw every thing that she had created, the perfect and imperfect, the pretty and the ugly, the large and the small, the cotton and the cotton/poly blends,
and finally one day realized that it was all good.


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