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30 October 2010

Cute Chick

The Quilting Gallery's candlemat swap is in full swing.  All their eggs are in one basket on  their flickr page where you can see all the interesting variations on this block pattern being made.  Many of them are quite unique and all of them are pretty.  This one will be winging it's way to my swap partner Monday morning.  If she doesn't like it I'll sure feel like a dumb cluck.  Of course if she does, I'll have something to crow about.  :)


  1. I think its a great block and well worth a cockadoodledoo or two.

    Pencil shavings? Lol, thanks for the chuckle.

  2. This chick is thrilled with her new candle mat! I LOVE the chicken wire quilting...what a clever idea! I buy just about any chicken, chicken wire fabric I see. I do not have what you sent along with the candle mat. Thank you, I will add it to my stash. I love the bright fall colors. Thanks for the sunflower buttons they go along perfect with the mat and fabric. This mat is going to look great in my new kitchen which is going to have a real down home farmy feel. If you can't tell I am just thrilled! Can't wait to show off my new candle mat to my little chicks when they get off the bus. Thanks again!


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