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20 February 2011

Rug Mug Giveaway

My buddies came over on Saturday to quilt, press, cut, and chat.  It's always fun.  This time Beth talked me into making a mug rug.  She'll probably show you hers if you go look on her blog.  I tried my hand at some machine zigzagged raw edge applique and also tried a new metallic thread on Terpsichore when it came time to quilt it.  The tension wasn't quite right, but there are only very limited pokies on the back.

This is only one of the patterns that Fat Cat Patterns has on their site for mug rugs.  I believe it is called Fiesta Bloom.  They have heaps of cute patterns on their site.  Be prepared to browse if you follow the link.

It was fun to make this - it only took about an hour from picking out fabrics to satin stitching the edge.


I'm a complete space cadet!  I set my coffee cup down on any flat surface I see, never considering what I'm about to ruin.  I'd be more inclined to set a coffee cup down BESIDE a coaster or mug rug than on one, thinking absently that "Oh.  That's something nice.  I better not put my coffee on it."  So I'd like to give it away to someone who can use it.

I won't choose based on your answers, but I'd really like to know what you drink from a mug.  Coffee?  Tea?  Dark German Beer?  Add a comment to this post and tell me what you drink in a mug.  I'll choose a winner on 10 March.  Be sure to include some way to get in touch with you so that if you win I can get your physical address to ship.

This contest is open to ANYONE!  I'll ship anywhere in the world that they will let me.  :)


  1. What I drink in a mug? Just about everything! Starting, with coffee, then tea, but even Pepsi! I find that a mug keeps it cold longer and I don't care for ice in my Pepsi :-)

  2. I like your mug rug - you did a very fine job!

  3. I'd be honored to place that nice little mug rug on my desk!!

  4. What do I drink from my mug? Hot tea and cocoa mostly. I do like coffee but dont seem to drink it at home much!

  5. I drink coffee, but I also like tea! :)

  6. Hmm... my mug most often holds tea, as you might have guessed from that short I sent you. Coffee on the weekends. B drinks milk and milk mixed with chamomile tea -- or sometimes what she calls her "Morning Blend" -- a mixture of Swiss Vervaine and chamomile tea. It's not really very good, but she loves that she made it up, so I make it for her whenever she asks for it. She'll take a sip and leave the rest in the mug for us to admire.

  7. So I still don't see my comment, but I've noticed the little note up on the top of the page this time, which tells me that I'm forcing you to review multiple versions of the same comment. I'm a bit embarrassed about that actually, and just to prove that I'm related to Paul, I'm going to convert that embarrassment into peskiness and force you to review yet another comment just because I can. :)

  8. must resist temptation to leave a fourth.... ooops.

  9. I'd be drinking a cup of lemon ginger tea from my mug!
    Love the mug rug!


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