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15 March 2011

Japan Disaster Relief

world watching in fear
resilient people's peril
 give to them my quilts*

It doesn't matter how you donate,or how much you donate,but if you and your family are safe, warm and well-fed tonight you can afford to send some kind of help to the people of Japan. Donate unwanted but useable items to your local salvation army store - believe me, the help will make it through to Japan eventually. Donate $10 to the red cross or doctors without borders or save the children by phone and the aid will get to Japan right away. 

I'm going to donate blood tomorrow and send five quilts to the salvation army (they've been in japan for twenty years and are working like crazy right now). I wish I could do more. Quilters are the most generous, thoughtful people I know. Tell me what you're going to do or what you've already done to help japanese quilters, their families, their friends, and their neighbors. Share links (if you have them) to any kind of quilt-related donation program, raffle quilt, or whatever that's in the works out there and I'll repost with them.  If you have friends or family in Japan right now, feel free to mention them in your comments so we can all keep them in our thoughts.  Speaking of which, I'll start - Tatsu I hope you and all your family are safe.

*I'm not much of a poet, but this was my attempt at haiku.

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  1. Everyone should take note because the news is not reporting this in a very good fashion. They want to play up the reactors for political reasons but the truth is everyone who can is leaving and the resy are stuck behind without food. There just isn't any on the shelfs. imagine if this were New York City and no food was coming in. The airlines are shutting off the flights. Its a real problem. These people need our help and in a world that doesn't always like the US, they are some of the few good guys. Please do whatever you can to help them out. Anything at all makes a difference.


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