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22 November 2011

24 Quilts Reloaded

My computer went KABLOOEEE!  all my photos of darling wonderful super cuddly granddaughter, all my browser bookmarks, all my eq6 work and every picture of every quilt i've made or am working on.

G  O  N  E

Sorry.  I'm trying not to snivel about this, but it is SO unfair!

A few weeks ago, basically right after this crash, I went on retreat.  Just me and Beth, a very tiny retreat in Tyler, Texas at a place called Memory Lane Inn.  It's really a scrapbooker's retreat house, but since the tools and space requirements for both crafts are so similar and because the place was SPECTACULARLY gorgeous, we went anyway.

Indicative of the thought that went into all the interior design in the house (which is about 100 years old), this collection of frame within a frame miniatures hangs at the staircase landing.

This is a closeup of the moulding detail in the dining room!

Four beds in Miss America's Boudoir suite - you can see two in this picture.  This is the room we stayed in.

Just look at that fireplace surround, will ya?  :)

There were only five scrappers there and us.  It was so relaxing!  Beth has already posted about all the great stuff she got done there.  The scrappers were all very nice people and the synergy of taking breaks and looking at eachother's work was inspiring.

One of my 24 Quilts is this black TATW.  I pieced this one over the first day and a half.  Came out well, and I can hardly wait to quilt it since it'll be going on my bed.

It is covering the entryway for one of the gorgeous gazebos in the back yard.  There are two or three different areas outdoors with tables, chairs and electricity!  You could sit OUTSIDE and quilt/scrap if you wanted to!  It was just a little too cool for my tastes that weekend, or I'd have been out there the whole time!

Another of the 24 Quilts, I have no idea what to call this one, I just refer to it as Huge Purple Flowers for now.  Easy to piece.  Fun to lay out.  Got everything but one edge of the border pieced on days two and three (only because I didn't bring enough fabric for that inner plain grey border.  doh!).

This is all the blocks lined up like Rockettes on the ironing board preparatory to assembly.

Here it is hanging in my backyard completely assembled.

Day four was just a half day, so I finished preparing circles for this quilt, packed up, and headed home.

This retreat wasn't just a chance to unwind and quilt.  The serenity of the surroundings, even the ambiance of the town, all contributed to a rejuvenating and creative long weekend.  I'm definitely going back in the spring!

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