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22 December 2011

Huge Purple Flowers

 It's finished!  This is the first of the 24 Quilts to be completely finished and it's already at its new home!  I gave it to a friend in need the day after I finished the binding.  I have no clue why this quilt appealed to me so much.  The simplicity of the block patterns maybe, the simple quilting maybe, possibly just the fact that I used grey for the background.  Anyway, it was fun to make and just the right quilt to give away at the time.

Using bright yellow thread for some of the quilting on the flowers was fun too.  Felt a little like using those big crayons with a flat side that they give you in kindergarten.

There will be another longish pause while I pay attention to my family during the holidays.   I hope you are all surrounded by those you love and that you get to participate in activities you enjoy during this holiday season.  I'll be back with more from 24 Quilts after the new year!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I can definitely see the appeal.

    Have a wondeful Xmas!


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