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20 January 2012

Boring Sashing Conversion

Beth whipped this up at the retreat we went to recently.  Nine blocks don't really make a whole quilt I told her.  So she added some area with very wide sashing (I practically FORCED her to make it really wide.  She has way more sense about color and proportion than I do and realized that sashing half as wide as the blocks was going to overwhelm the quilt.)  She snorted at it, tossed it across the table to me and said, "There's no way to make this pretty."  (Yes, it can be argued that it is very pretty even before quilting, but we're talking about the sensitivities of a color PRO, remember.)

"Heh.  Sure there is!"

First you stitch in the ditch around all the block elements. No problem. :)

Then you quilt a bunch of scribble roses all over the sashings. Ok, make two passes. One with a darkish pink, the other with a lighter shade. There. That wasn't so hard.

Still using the focus fabric as your guide, insert buttercups along the same path with the scribble roses. Wow. Those buttercups have tiny petals. But there. It's done.

Finally, go through the entire quilt again with a green thread. Make wee tiny calyxes (calices?), leaves, and stems along the floral path. Do it in 30 minute increments because your eyes are getting wierd. Phasing in and out of the universe as we know it wierd.

After just over a week of quilting on a small, donation quilt, there! It's quite pretty.

I do go a long way to win an argument, eh Beth?

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