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09 November 2012

Halfway There (50 Days Left)

Hard to believe it's only 50 days until the end of the year, but there we are.  When I signed up for the 100 Day Hustle I didn't think there was any chance I'd finish all the projects in my list.  Oddly enough though, I'm well on the way!

This quilt is DONE!

It turned out pretty well, considering it started out as someone else's scraps.

This quilt is finished too...

...except I might well embellish it a little more.  (Please pass the glitter and paste!)

These detail shots are of things I really enjoyed embellishing, like the buttons in the middle of the poinsettia, the gleam in the reindeer's eye (Rudolph the Square Nosed Reindeer!), and the holly buttons on santa's cap.

I didn't follow the instructions exactly, and I used fabrics from stash instead of buying (except for just a few).

Beth made one of these right along with me, and I'm quilting hers this weekend.  Pictures when it's over...

This quilt is still in the works, it's called The Swirling Citrus Vortex of Rubber Ducks and is for a friend's first baby.

more applique is still required, but the end is in sight.

I haven't even started on the small projects yet.  Soon, I hope, soon.

How are you doing on your own 100 Day Hustle?

Thanks again, Kelsey for setting this up and providing the linkies for us to share.  Be sure to check out how everyone else is doing on their Hustle by clicking the green link in my sidebar.


  1. Love your Christmas quilt! I bought the book, but it's a project for next year. It's great inspiration to see one that is done!

  2. Okay, I'm not a big Christmas quilt kind of girl, but yours is rockin' my socks off! I LOVE IT. Lovely work!

  3. Love the Christmas quilt with all those details!!

    The rubber duck quilt is great!!

  4. I really, really love your swirling ducks quilt. It's so cute!

  5. Swirling ducks are fantastic. But that is a lot of applique. You are a brave soul. Good luck with the rest of your hustling!

  6. LOVE that Christmas quilt!!!

  7. Love the vortex of swirling ducks! You are doing great with your hustle list!


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