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08 February 2013


My dull or broken needles got thrown away as soon as I'd had enough of them for many, many years.  About five years ago that changed when I learned about the Japanese celebration of Harikuyo Day.  Those who sew gather together to stick old or broken needles in a piece of wax (or covered styrofoam or whatever) and say a prayer for their valiant service.  I thought that was so sweet I had to start participating.

Now my dull and broken needles get their own section on the tomato until 8 February rolls around each year.  Then I say a few words over them before they are ceremonially wrapped in a tiny bit of paper and - ok, this is where my ability to celebrate ends - then they still get thrown away.

But it's nice to take a few minutes a year to sing the praises of these hard working tools in my studio!

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  1. Hari-kuyo is a new one on me but it sounds way cool like most of the little festival things that go on in Japan are. I was fortunate to get to participate in a local festival there purely by chance. It was one of those where the men get all manly and throw a million pound log float up and down while cheering - great fun!


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