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15 October 2013

Appli-Log Cabin Two

What is it about half log cabin blocks and applique?  I didn't realize until I started trying to think up a post title that this is the second half log cabin quilt I've combined with applique.  This quilt is huge.  My dd#2's best friend from high school who is an honorary daughter of mine wanted a big bed quilt in these colors:

 As usual I had just the wrong shades of everything on hand and had to make a few purchases.

The center applique medallion was my favorite part of the piecing,

but the whole thing went together so smoothly it was hard to choose.  I quilted one motif in all the red blocks (and the two green blocks that fit the pattern)

and a different feather motif in each of the green/beige blocks.

 I probably spent more time standing in front of Terpsichore going "um" trying to figure out the next feather motif than I did quilting.

Here you go, Mr. and Mrs. G!  Stay cozy!


  1. Oooh! I'm sure she's going to love it! :D That applique is so nice!


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