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24 October 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival Autumn 2013


Welcome to the Bloggers Quilt Festival!  I hope everyone is having fun surfing through all the lovely quilts on display!  If you get lost you can click on the button above and go back to Amy's Linky list of participating blogs.

I buy panels when they go on clearance.  You know, panels for instant baby quilts, panels for embellishable vests, panels for stuffed toys and doll dresses.  I make up the baby quilts and have them ready for donations or emergency baby shower gifts, but most of the rest of them just hang around until there's some need.


Thimbleberries made this panel a few years back.  I snapped one up when they went clearance at my local discount fabric store, but the victorian child in the center really creeps me out.  (Yes, I'm one of those silly people who think clowns are scary.)  So I thought I'd try a deconstructed panel.  You know, like a deconstructed book, only with a quilt.

First thing I did was find a few fabrics that approximated the reproduction prints on the panel.  Then I cut out the spooky center pumpkin boy

and muah hahahaha! chopped him into bits!

 I built a four patch insert for the hole in the panel,

then used the pieces of the pumpkin boy to make strange jacobean style flowers to applique onto the center.

Quilting was fun with a feather border with variegated thread pebbles in the veins and swirls in the center.

No more scary pumpkin boy!


Thanks for stopping by to see my quilt, and have fun with the rest of the show!


  1. now that is a fabulous way to repurpose fabric! Enjoy the festival!

  2. Laughing at the demise of pumpkin boy!

  3. How very lovely - even if the pumpkin boy didn't make it!


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