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16 January 2014

Cheap Jelly Roll

I found two jelly rolls at a discount store recently.  They were priced so low I couldn't just leave them there.  Not the finest quality Quilte Shoppe cottons, but still usable.    Sometimes it's nice to make something simple be as perfect as you can get it, so all the corners are as accurately pieced as I could manage.

A few flowers were quilted randomly over the top and then wavy diagonal lines through all the points.


The back was made big enough to roll the edge over for a binding.

Paired with some plain white, they made the world's easiest quilt look modern.

Because these prints weren't first quality, the quilt might not last more than ten or twenty years, but it will be cosy and warm just like any other quilt and it was fun to make something this carefree and easy.

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  1. It's a great quilt! Someone is going to love it. I like the flowers and the diamond things you quilted. Makes it very special.


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