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16 May 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival May 2014

Double photobomb!

Here's my entry for the May 2014 round of the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  This quilt was made for my aunts to celebrate their marriage last July.  Quilting took far too long and it didn't get finished until just last month.

The greens were supposed to be sage, but they just aren't.  I tried to tone them down a bit by using grey/green and grey/blue threads.

The pattern is just a traditional Carpenter's Wheel block made large enough to be a quilt.

I was especially pleased with the Invisafil thread in the outer border.  Nice subtle texture and unlike many of the thin and shiny threads, didn't break all the time.  The rest of the quilting was done in various shades of green and plain white A&E tex 40 quilting cotton.

The snails and pebbles background fill worked well, but from time to time it got boring so I threw in a few easter eggs.

From any distance at all the quilting is almost invisible on the front.  But if you get up close...

...the details come out.

Using a little bit of green thread on the back gave it some character.

The center medallion got a monogram, well-wishes, and a traditional curved crosshatch background fill.  You should see the three foot long MDF curve template I made out in the shop.  Thumping it around on the quilt for about six hours while I worked around the intials was a hoot, I assure you.

If I had more time I would probably have embellished these letters more.

Scraps from the green batiks joined end to end made the binding.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to say howdy in the comments.  I reply to all of them.  Enjoy the rest of the festival!


  1. That quilting is amazing. That is a beautiful quilt. I love the colors.

  2. You did a great job. It reminds me that I still want to make a "1 big block & that's it" quilt.

  3. Wow! Amazing quilting. I'm working on a carpenters star for a wedding present, but not in a million years will I be able to do a quilting like yours. Congrats!

  4. Great Quilting. I like that you put Initials in the quilting. You made your own ruler, too? I love Stars!

  5. WOW!! Your quilting is fabulous and the quilt is beautiful, great work!!

  6. Your quilting is amazing. I am so grateful you showed all of those close-ups. I love quilts that are one large block.

  7. Your quilting design is lovely (and like everyone else has said, amazing and fabulous!). What a beautiful quilt.

  8. Your quilting is gorgeous! I'm sure they love it.

  9. I love single blocks quilts and this is a beauty - your quilting skills are amazing and I love those cool greens. What a perfect gift.

    1. Yes indeed, it was / is! A perfect gift, that is. From one of the lucky recipients!

    2. Yes, indeed, it certainly was / is ! A perfect gift, that is. From one of the lucky recipients...

  10. Wow! Beautiful quilting! It's a gorgeous quilt.

  11. I just can't wrap my head around how someone can quilt like that! It's beyond amazing.

  12. What a gorgeous quilt this is. Your quilting has transformed it into something stunning.


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