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09 October 2014

Marcy's Leftovers Complete

This quilt was made from a bunch of muslin, a couple of pieces of solids from my stash, and a friend's leftovers.  The poor thing was put on Terpsichore and taken back off again half a dozen times before I finished all the quilting.

 I got a little whimsical in the borders.

My freehand circles are about as round as my homemade pancakes which is to say not especially round.  It was fun to quilt and I love the pattern the quilting makes on the back,

and the fabrics are gorgeous and I would never have made the quilt if it wasn't for the freebie 2" x 4" scraps Marcy handed me.

Binding the quilt in the neutral fabric may have been a mistake, but I've gotten bored with the eye popping edges I see everywhere (including on my own quilts) and am ready to try other things for a while.

Blue and green aren't my colors, so this quilt is looking for a home.

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