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16 December 2014

Argyle in Tan and Grey

Right off the bat, let me say I have two really excellent helpers.  Each of them is willing to step on, chew, nap or shed on any quilt I make.  Any time, any where.  First up, Fiona Ferocious FooDog Faust.  She's an eight month old golden retriever and is never ever an instigator.  No sirreebob.  (Toilet paper roll destruction is her specialty)
Of course, I've already introduced our anatolian shepherd, Chrysler the Decaffeinated Sweet Beast Phillips.  We call him decaf for short.  This guy can shed an entire toy poodle in under five minutes.  It's amazing.

Oh right.  The quilt.  This quilt didn't turn out like I'd planned.  I wanted a fairly subtle argyle pattern in tan and grey and ended up with a high contrast very bold look.  It's still a useable quilt, but for next time maybe I'll audition the fabrics a bit more carefully.  This quilt was made from a combination of fabrics from Connecting Threads' Neutral Love line and my own stash.

I used two shades of gold thread and one metallic gold for the quilting.  If I'd had unlimited time for this one I might have couched a heavy thread or even maybe a yarn for the main diagonals.

The metallic really gives the quilt a little sparkle in person, but my photography doesn't do it justice.

The setting triangles and binding both made me happy, giving just the subtle blend I'd been looking for in the entire quilt.

I went to the trouble of buying a piece of wide quilt backing for this quilt and when it came time to make the magic happen it turned out I'd purchased about four inches too little.  Words were spoken.  I did have a couple of left over blocks though, so I threw together all the scraps and made a stripe in the back which is a fair addition to the quilt.  Serendipity.


This one is a BIG queen.  Plenty of overhang, plenty of pillow tuck.  I find that making a quilt for the next size up bed makes the night time tug of war a little easier.

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