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17 January 2015

Disappearing Rhapsody

The post titles get lamer as time goes on, I know.

A fat quarter pack of rhapsody of reds from Connecting Threads has been sitting on my sewing table for about a year now waiting for just the right project to come along.

My buddy Beth pointed me to this video from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Yah.  Perfect!

I'm going to lay out the blocks differently though.  Here's what her quilt looks like (the layout not the fabrics):

and this is what I'll be doing:
Their layout is pretty, but being a long arm quilter, I really like the little buttons of color surrounded by all that white space.

As usual I added in fabrics from my stash that play well with the CT fq pack.  Here's my first few blocks finished and layed out in the configuration I like.  The one that looks completely white is made with a very low volume red print.  It might not make the final cut:

This technique is fun, but it does take a little while, so the quilt won't be finished this week.

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