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14 February 2015

Icy Hunters Star

It's all cut out and piecing has started!  I had a little trouble at first getting the unusual angles to line up correctly after sewing.  Turns out the seam allowance wants to be a thread's width narrower than I was making them.  Now that it's straightened out though piecing is moving along well.  But I've gotten ahead of myself.

Beth and I decided to build one of these each when we first saw a red and white Hunter's Star on the net a couple of years back.  I don't remember now what colors she chose, but I wanted something that looked very wintery, so I collected lots of low volume blue and grey prints and a few different whites to work with.

I made a bunch of 3 7/8" strips (to minimize waste) and ran them through my Go! cutter with the hunter's star die.  Boy was this ever easier than trying to keep everything lined up nicely for a 30° cut!  EDIT:  how embarassing!  Of course I meant 45°!

So now it's just a matter of several iterations of chain piecing, which will take a while.

I did make a test block - the real blocks will be alternating blue and grey four patches instead of four of one color/print, but I like the way it looks.

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  1. So that's what you have been up to, eh? I'm doing black and white,,, paper piece. I'll go the almost old fashioned way and not use one of those new fangled things that makes life easier, oh no! Not me, I'm going to sew on the dotted line then spend a day ripping paper off the back.
    I like your colors. 😊


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