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10 March 2015

Two Quickie Tops

Retreat!  I spent the weekend at a quilting retreat with some of my best quilting buddies this past weekend.  I try to bring fairly easy things to work on with all pieces pre-cut because I can never focus on quilting well enough when people are telling interesting stories or passing a plate of cookies around.  Both of these were made primarily from a batch of fairly plain green fabrics I recently received.

 Adding a little of the bright wonky stripe fabric gave this first quilt a little pizazz and made it fun to piece.

Its hard to tell unless you zoom in on the second quilt, but I added an eco-friendly print for borders and a bit of bright yellow to make this green quilt a "green" quilt.

And this quilt is the one you see wadded up on the table in the picture above.  My friend Cheryl finished this one up during the weekend.  It is festive and christmassy and just adorable.

These retreats are so very worth going to.  Good friends are great therapy and the quilting is always fun too.

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