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23 September 2015

Scrappy, REALLY Scrappy

So I save all my scraps, so what?  Beth says I HOARD them.  Wrong!  I use them...sometimes.  She brought me over a bag of scraps she said she was going to throw away (during a massive decluttering campaign that I think she is still waging).  To prove her wrong, I started that same day sewing random crumb blocks.  Her scraps, just like her quilts, are gorgeous.  It took several weeks, but I turned all those scraps into a quilt top.

Ick.  It's ugly.  Don't argue.  I know it's ugly because it gets prettier the further

away you get from it.  Get into the next state, it'll probably be adorable.  Kandinsky on a very bad day.

 I guess it doesn't have to be pretty to be a good quilt.

I used a blue floral print that I really like for the back and rolled it over for binding.  Simple meander in sky blue was easy quilting (I threw in a few easter eggs).  It's warm, it was free, and it's finished.  

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  1. I love your scrappy quilt, this is the type of quilt I mostly make nowadays. Are crumb blocks so much fun to make?


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