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29 October 2008

Miles to Go

Whew! I did eventually finish all the hand binding on my sewing table. This is a picture of a sizeable chunk of the finished product. All told I sewed just about one tenth of a mile of bindings. Yah. I'm all done binding for a while (whether there is more to do or not!)

I've earned my treat. I'll be spending the bulk of the weekend at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas this weekend. Any of you fine bloggers who will also be out there and would like to shake the very tired hand of The English Street Quilter are encouraged verily even begged to contact me via email so we can meet up!

There's been lots of interesting quilting going on in my studio this week in addition to the binding, but my trigger finger is so worn out that I just haven't clicked many pictures. Here's a sneak peek at the second of The Scrappy Quilter's scrappy delights to whet your appetite. This gal doesn't just pick up the pieces, she lays 'em out straight, too!


  1. I'll meet ya at English Street tomorrow! Can't wait!

  2. Love seeing that stack of stuff! You do deserve a break! Have fun in Houston, wish I was going, but there is next year!

  3. That was a lot of binding you are a Hero! Have Fun at the Festival and keep us posted!
    That is a very pretty quilt!

  4. thank you so much Tirane!! you did a wonderful job with the quilting as I knew you would.


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