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15 November 2008

Quilting Right Along

10:00 AM Saturday

The city is shutting off the water on our street today. They say it will be out all day. What fun.

That's alright though; it just means I won't be able to cook, run laundry or clean during the quiltathon. I'm ok with that!

I got all coffeed up this morning and started out by attaching buttons to the center of a pincushion (thanks, Jean for provoking me to find the link!) I made recently for my step-mother. It was made up from leftovers from the quilt I sent her earlier this year.

Now I'm working on Kathrine's throw pillows...

13:40 PM

Here are the throw pillows all finished:

DD#1 has just gotten the sticky bun dough into the "proof box" (very cool oven with a pan of water in the bottom) and she's going to cut out some jacket lining while I get started on the batiks.

14:20 PM Saturday

Selection for the batiks is finished. I'm making a canvas for quilting with this one. I want pale in the center and dark around the edges and the whole thing should look painted rather than pieced. So here's a shot of the fabrics and an EQ6 capture of the general layout. The quilting of course, is far in the future, but will resemble THIS quilt.
18:10 PM Saturday

Pillow cases from leftover quilt back fabric are done. It is good to be able to reshelve the remaining fabric instead of having this baggie sitting around.
Next up: 205 HSTs!

21:50 PM Saturday

The sticky buns came out great. We decided that the cool indoor temps (we're experimenting with keeping the thermostat set for 60 to save energy - it's killing me!) were slowing the proofing process, but they eventually rose enough to bake and tasted great. DD took two trays of 'em home to her boyfriend who will happily scarf them down, I'm sure.

I'm starting to run out of steam for the day. I believe I'll finish up with a picture of the neutrals I've chosen to use for the solid blocks in the scrappy nine patch top.


  1. Very thoughtful present for your mother in-law! Does she quilt?
    Happy Quilting!


  2. I love all your projects, but am fascinated with the pincushion. Where did you find the pattern?
    Keep quilting...I am not getting as much done as you, but got a late start.

  3. Wow great progress! I will put sticky buns on our list o' things to do.

  4. oh oh now I am a provoker!!! lol

  5. Wow! You've gotten a lot accomplised today, and you've even had time to blog about it all throughout the day. It's fun to see your progress!

  6. geez,,, you were busy! I should have stuck around for the sticky buns,,, is your water back on?

  7. You got a lot done this weekend - I love the pillowcase - I might try to make one or two this week.


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