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16 November 2008

Day Two Report

07:20 AM Sunday

mmmmmmm coffee!

I don't trust myself with a camera this early in the day, so I'm just letting the world know that I'm getting started on HST assembly now. From time to time I'll need a break from it so I'll work on the 12 1/2" neutral blocks in between times.

NOON Sunday (wha?...already?)

Ok, finally! I have all my little squares cut from the scraps of other projects. Still need to mark diagonals on the neutrals before sewing and many of these little guys look like they need to be pressed before I sew too. In my defense I will say that it takes WAY more time to cut from scraps than it does to cut from yardage.
13:30 PM Sunday

Lunch first; sewing later. But they're all pressed, marked and paired up. 180 of 'em. Should be way more than I need by the time they're divided.

16:00 PM Sunday

They might not look much different to you, but they look finished to me. All pairs have been sewn down each side of the diagonal. I won't be doing any of the pressing or squaring up today. Back in the bag!

Spreading out some of the Cranston fruit blocks on the sewing table now to sit and stare. I'll EQ6 the plan and show it off soon. Maybe I'll pick some stitches out of the quilting booboo, too.

17:40 PM Sunday

I think I know now what I wanted these blocks to do way back when. It is no longer as attractive to me as it once was though. Here is the EQ6 version of what will actually happen to these blocks. I have nine of the 8 pointed stars and one of the focus fabric blocks made up already. There is plenty of fabric left so I'll make the remaining 20 blocks up and then think up some interesting borders to make out of whatever i have left over. Any pieced borders will go outside the black border you can see on the sketch below. I know I have the real fabrics in my EQ library somewhere, but I can't find them so I've substituted a similar large floral focus fabric and adjusted the coordinates to match it. For instance, the purple in the picture below represents the pink fabric in my actual stash.Since there are quite a few pieces already precut and ready to go for this quilt I'll go ahead and "kit up" the rest of what I need for these blocks and then set the project aside.

There's still plenty of frog stitching left, and there are two more projects yet to be done tonight. Don't forget to stop by Judy's place to see how she's doing, an
d check out the other quiltathoners who have signed up at her site. Some really interesting projects are being created all around blogland today.

Next update after a bite of supper and some snipping.

21:05 PM Sunday

Cranston is all kitted up including the square in square foundation pieces i needed to print (because my points get lost if I don't paper piece those!) and a picture of what the quilt will look like so my lousy memory won't shoot me in the foot again.

The only thing I plan to do this evening is select black fabrics for my strip quilt. Here's an EQ6 of the quilt top (haven't thought much about borders yet).
I hope you have had as much fun with this quiltathon as I've had!