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21 February 2009

February Quiltathon

09:15 Saturday

Good morning blogland! This weekend is a Quiltathon weekend and I have a long list of projects to get through. I don't expect to finish them all, as I have other things to do this weekend too, but I've rolled up my sleeves and plan to quilt during all my spare time this weekend.

I started last night getting ready (cleaning things up in the studio) and managed to get the binding on a "back porch" quilt. This morning I bound the red and white picnic quilt I made a few days ago.

After I finish brewing another pot of coffee, I'll resume work on the square in square blocks for the border of my cranston fruit block quilt. That will probably take me through the morning.

My double delight quilt had a fatal flaw - somehow I managed to put the wrong kind of nine patch in the center of 14 of the double nine patch blocks. I've already carefully picked those out and made the replacement blocks to insert. After lunch I'll start working on that project.

The frustration factor is pretty high on this kind of sewing though, so I will probably have to stop periodically and do something else. For that I have a customer quilt that needs to be quilted.

As the day progresses I'll add updates to this post. I hope you're all enjoying your own quiltathons too.

13:25 Saturday

Well the stack doesn't look like much, but here's the morning's work. I'll trim up and assemble the border after lunch.

17:00 Saturday

All the blocks are squared up. See how my rotary cutter is still smoking? Ok, it wasn't really very fast at all, but it is over. I'm going to assemble this border and then apply it to the quilt top. More soon!
22:20 Saturday

WOO HOO! This is a finished top. All the borders are on. I do still have to peel paper from the square in square border, but that can wait until tomorrow.

I didn't get as much stuff done today as I had hoped, but it was all fun and satisfying. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll start again as soon as the coffee is on!

See you tomorrow during the Sunday edition of the Quiltathon!


  1. pink and greeen is one of my favorite combinations....

  2. Keep up the great work. I am not sewing inspired today so I have been decluttering here. Maybe tomorrow.....

  3. that turned out wonderful! Alot of work I know but it is worth it. The final product is just wonderful.
    I am learning that the goals we set for ourselves are often way beyond our reach. If we make any progress it it a plus. Don't be disappointed by not getting to everything. Gives us something to look forward to another day ;o)

  4. I love this quilt!
    Congratulations on getting it done!

    Happy Sewing!

  5. I recognize the blocks in that back porch quilt. LOL.

    The Cranston Fruit quilt turned out great. I love what you did for the borders. I'm learning to like pieced borders even if it takes me forever to peel the papers.


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