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28 March 2009

Quiltathon Sewing Spree

05:50 Saturday

Starting the morning off right with a few pictures, the first one is the sweet old ninepatch quilt I get to restore. There won't be much progress on it this weekend, but it's such a friendly quilt I just had to put a picture of it up. Can you feel all the years of love in this thing? Up close it just OOZES coziness. :)

The next picture is the fabric for DD#1's second quilt. This is the one I need to come up with a layout plan for.

And finally, here's the Ronald McDonald House Challenge quilt that wants the binding sewn down.

Of course, I'm not actually going to start on ANY of these projects, I'm going to start by making the quilt backs. The two for customers will be pretty easy, they're just a matter of piecing a single fabric. The one for my own quilt will be a little trickier, but not much. It will be a big piece of the focus fabric from the front with big, plain black borders around it to bring it up to size. Maybe cornerstones if I get to feeling fancy.

That's how my morning is starting. I see that the coffee mug is empty - no telling how it got that way - so I'd best go fill it up and get started. Next update when I have quilt backs to show off. Cheers everyone, and happy quilting!

08:50 Saturday

How can it even be the case that someone so in love with black can run completely out of kona black solid? Any time I even run low I go buy another bolt. There are maybe enough scraps of various blacks to make up a yard of fabric were I to sew them carefully together. GRRRRRR. I did get the customer backs finished though. AND I placed the order for more solid black. Next up is some hand sewing on a binding. Deb G., here's a picture of the only bit of actual restoration I've done so far on the quilt. I'll definitely be putting up more pictures of this one as it gets finished. In fact, I'll probably do a whole blow-by-blow post on it when it is finished. The squares pinned to the quilt are the fabrics I've chosen to replace the bits that are beyond salvage. The one bright blue plaid square next to the orange plaids is the one I've inserted and quilted to match the surroundings.

For those of you who don't know about it yet, my weekend long blog report is a direct result of J
udy's Quiltathon Weekend. Check it out.

13:08 Saturday

A brief interruption in binding when my mother brought over her recently comp
leted top for me to quilt. The colors are quite pretty together so I thought you might enjoy seeing her work:

No decisions yet on how to quilt it.

Here's the finished Ronald McDonald House quilt. This was my first attempt at trapunto on Terpsichore and I think it came out pretty well. I'm not at all sure that the border treatment is right on this quilt and would happily listen to any suggestions you might have for improving the quilting on it. I don't want to lose the animal faces, but that ribbon seems pretty lonely swimming around in the border.

I put every kind of happy verb I could think up on the rectangles. After all, it's for a sick child or a member of their family. Sorta like a bunch of well wishes stuck to the quilt, eh? That part was really fun to quilt.

The last picture just shows off the cute fabric I used for the back. I believe it is from the same fabric 'lion' as the focus fabric (Jungle Babies by Patty Reed Designs from Fabric Traditions).

Now for a quick lunch and then I'll start cutting fabrics for my Black White and Other quilt.

16:20 Saturday

It's all the fun part with this many black fabrics! Still cutting...but you can see the EQ6 sketch of the quilt I'll be making here.

20:30 Saturday

Here are my "darks" cut:

and here are my "lights":

I'm cutting the background fabric and shadow fabric tonight before calling it quits, but won't post pictures until tomorrow.

I hope you had a good quiltathon day one. Mine was great fun. There's still plenty left on my to do list for tomorrow, so it looks like it will be another early morning start for me. Until then, keep on quiltin'!


  1. I hope you will share more photos of the restoration as it progresses. It looks like a wonderful quilt!

  2. It sounds like a perfect day!

  3. Good job and what a great report with all the pictures!


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