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27 March 2009

March Quiltathon

Judy is hostessing another quiltathon this weekend. There's quite a bit of preparation work to be done today if I'm going to get to play. Why is it I only clean house right before someone comes over and I only cook right before a quiltathon? I'll edit this post later today with my List-O-Projects. For now, (sigh) I have to go figure out what's for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next couple of days.


Here's my list for the weekend.

  1. Piece two backs for customer quilts - DONE!
  2. Piece a back for my cranston fruit blocks quilt
  3. Pillow covers to match curtains recently made for a dear friend's living room
  4. Cut fabrics for my black, white and other quilt
  5. Hand sew binding on a quilt for the Ronald McDonald House Challenge for my local guild - DONE!
  6. I need to work up the final plan for layout on DD#1's second quilt
  7. Put together a surprise package for a far away friend.
  8. If I get all that done I'll work on the quilt restoration project I recently acquired (this is a customer quilt, not my own). This sweet old darlin' has been getting used for all it's long life (we're guessing 50 years or more) but she's showing some batting and getting tired. I have to carefully pick out some squares that are beyond salvage and insert new ones that come as close to the original fabrics as i can practically find. I have everything cut out and pinned to the right places, but have only actually replaced one of the approximately 50 squares so far. It isn't a hurry up kind of project at all. I have to be relaxed and willing to take my time when working on it.

There are other things waiting in the wings of course, but I will be real happy if most of the above gets handled.

Coffee will be ready at 0700. I'll be making sewing room noise by 0705!