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01 August 2009

Last Three Blocks

Ok Scrappy, I'm game. I don't have all day to quilt along with you, but I have this morning until around noon. These last three blocks on my black random boxes quilt need finishing (who am I kidding? They need starting). If I can end up with a completed top sans borders this morning I shall be a happy camper indeed.

You say your iron is already hot and you're ready to sew. I guess that leaves making the coffee to me. Cream? Sugar? I'll post an update in a couple of hours.

I know Beth was working on her tan and teal boxes yesterday. Got any pictures for us yet Beth?


Seven of nine is complete. Sewing like mad on 8 and 9.


Yes! Steaming right on through #8. Sewing continues on #9. How are you coming along Scrappy? Got your mom's top finished yet?


Hoo boy am I ever running late. But here's #9 all done. I'll assemble the top this evening.


  1. I'm here ... where's that coffee??
    I have almost got the blocks added around the center now, just two more sides to go and then onto the next step. Thanks for sewing along with me.

  2. you are doing good - progress is a good thing! need some more coffee?? how about a lunch break?

  3. look at you ... you got your last three blocks done ... even though you are now late for whatever you were supposed to do ... lol
    this is going to be a neat quilt when it is altogether. Off I go to sew some more .... tra laa laa laa


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