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01 August 2009

Finished Random Blocks

Assembly was sooo easy for this top. Nine blocks! I feel like I got away with something! It came out about as well as I expected. The palest grey is maybe a little too pale really, but it's for me so who cares! It has been really hard for me to decide whether to put borders on this quilt; right now I'm leaning towards a two inch solid black just because I like outlining things in black. There just doesn't seem to be any kind of pieced border that would add something to the quilt, for the most part it seems piecing would detract from the jumbled up beauty of the top. I'll set it aside for a day or two and then look at it again before making any real commitment.

On an unrelated note, my buddy, Scrappy, has a dilemma she's working out. A friend of hers asked her to work a top in progress (a row robin) into something beautiful. At first Scrappy was going to pull the rows apart but now thinks adding borders will be good enough to bring the top into a cohesive whole. I agree with her. Ok Scraps-me-girl, what do you think of this idea? It means lots of work for you, but it sure looks good in eq6. I know the rows aren't exactly right, but I just didn't want to put that much work into a sketch, so pretend.