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16 January 2010

January Quiltathon Begins

07:40 Saturday

YES! Everything is organized for the quiltathon this morning and I've sta
rted on my first project which is binding a donation quilt. From there I'll move on to getting a friend's quilt on Terpsichore and starting the quilting,

but I'll be moving back and forth as my attention span wears out between that and some piecing for two other charity quilts (only one is pictured).

If all goes well I'll be piecing the Hunter's Star quilt Beth and I worked up in EQ6 recently tomorrow.

Pour yourself a cuppa and get out your own quilting project and sew along with me! Check out the progress of other quiltathoners HERE.

I'll be back periodically with updates throughout the day.

12:10 pm

Finished the binding on my donation quilt!
A few friends are over helping me enjoy the saturday morning quilting. Babs is working on some snowball blocks, Beth is squaring up, and my mom is catching up on the latest quilting magazines.

I'll start working with Terpsichore on this quilt soon.

Attic window blocks are assembled but awaiting borders. It's time for me to go play in the greenhouse for a few minutes to rest my eyes and relax. Back soon with more quilting!

21:30 Saturday

I have made some progress on Beth's Double Delight, but nothing photo worthy as yet, so I'll just leave you with this composite picture of some of the things that are being happy in my greenhouse right now. Yes, that bottom right photo is of a bowl full of moss. Perhaps it grows everywhere in your part of the world, but around here greenhouses are about the only place it grows!

Terpsichore and I will be dancing through our Sunday and we'll check in with you right here from time to time with our progress.


  1. i have fat hands ( and we won't discuss the rest of me )

  2. Sure wish I could have been there. Looks like you all had a nice time.

  3. How nice to have a group of friends working with you. Very pretty Attic Window quilt.

  4. look at all that progress being made! great job! love the greenhouse photos and yes there is moss in the woods here in my yard. I can send ya some if you'd like it. It's everywhere here.


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