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22 February 2012

Hehehe Colorful PUPPIES!

It all started with some black and white swap blocks that had been sitting around since, let me think, maybe 2004. I make lots of black and white quilts, and of late have been trying to work a little color into my stuff. I had this interesting border print, mostly yellow, of dogs, cats, and flowers. Chop, chop, chop! It became the sashing and border for the b/w swap blocks.

The top sat around for a while. When I was at some show - maybe it was the Arlington Guild show a few years back, I picked up a half-yard panel of a Loralie Designs print with lots of dogs on it. Didn't know what to use it for, so it sat around.

It clicked one day a few months back that the panel would sure work with the b/w top. The panel was way too small of course. Just fifteen dog portraits and a little piece of border stripe along the edge with cameos of the dogs.

I collected brights from my stash that matched the border print on the top and sashed each puppy with it. Then I picked a bunch of geometrics from my b/w stash and sashed again. Nearly there. Finally I took the wee stripe of cameos and sashed the living daylights out of it to turn it into a pillow panel on the top of the quilt back.

After adding some barks and woofs and yips in a variety of colors,

and quilting one VERY large dog nose in the big black space, I decided the back was the front after all.


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