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20 February 2012

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Bland is finished!  This was a super fun quilt - it was way too easy to piece, and since I decided to Zentangle quilt it, the time just flew by as I quilted.  It had to come off Terpsichore before it was finished so a few customer quilts could be worked, but a few days ago I put it back on the machine and finished up.  Binding was finished around midnight last night and here she is!  The quilting detail is visible if you click the pictures of the whole quilt (front or back), but in the blogpost size, not so much.  Pictures of the front and back are of the same areas.  I tried using just a little bit of colorful sparkly thread for the floral cameos that line the winding path that runs through the quilt.  I liked the results alot!

Zentangling needs to be at least a little bit spontaneous, and I just could NOT think up anything for the section below.  I revert to writing my thoughts down when I get stumped, and in this case it turned out well.  Some rows were written forward and some backward so the effect would be similar from either side of the quilt.