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03 March 2015

It's For Fun

...so I can scribble quilt it if I wanna.  A good photo of this top is in this post from a few months back.

Maybe the stitching will show up more on the plain muslin back.  I love having lots of different textures in a quilt, and the open area of the ring below right next to the garden row quiting inside it makes a lovely feel when you run your fingers over it.
Heh.  Teething rings.  No, I am not expecting.  Absolutely not.  But my dogs do have chew toys that remind me of baby teethers of old.
The only problem with this much detail in a quilt is that it takes some while to finish.  Between this and my hunter's star piecing, I feel stalled.  The upcoming winter weather will probably give me plenty of opportunity to get at least one of these projects wrapped up.  I hope.

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