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20 December 2016

Coffee Embroidery Sampler

I got an embroidery machine recently and spent a little time learning how to use it.  By the time the basic ideas were embedding in my mind there were several small pieces of embroidery sitting around looking useless, so I gathered a bunch of coffee colored scraps and made this little wall hanging.

Being a super impatient person, I find machine embroidery much more satisfying than hand work.  Plus the stitching comes out way better!

I made up the "title" myself.  It's pretty dweeby, but it was fun to get the process figured out.  Quilting with the wonky diagonals worked great.  Those little squares are 1" finished, so there really wasn't much room for anything fancy.  

Now I have to find a spot on a wall in my house that isn't obscured by a bookcase so it can be hung.

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