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26 November 2007

Some Serious Yardage

Don't you just love a good sale?
The top batch all come from Andover Fabrics. Mostly their Little Blessings line. A couple from the Wish on a Star line which blends well with the LBs. The colors may not look right to you, but they are brighter than pastels and softer than brights. My buddy Mimi calls them sherbet colors. I've already decided on one quilt to make - sort of a one patch with a twist - has a few pinwheels and four patches thrown in for visual interest. I've been cutting for this all morning and am about to sew. I still have more than half the yardages left over, so there's plenty for a second quilt.
I picked these little goodies up (along with about 16 yards of white, 4 neutral and 4 versatile dark green) for about $2.25 a yard this weekend. I don't shop for fabrics often, but when I find really useable yardage at a good price, I do stock up.

This one took my fancy as soon as I saw it. (It's a Makower but no longer available on their site.)
I built up a palette around it on the spot. This will be a $20 queen size quilt top with enough bits left over to piece a simple back from. I haven't figured out a block pattern for it yet, but I'm thinking something fairly traditional in a two-block layout. (ideas and suggestions welcome!)Ew. Looking at the photo, the pale green with oriental characters on it (2nd from bottom) looks sickeningly yellow. Trust me, it's pale green like the center of some of the leaves on the Makower print.

Just wanted to share some of the excitement. Back to making pinwheels for me.