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05 December 2007

Precious New Arrival

Whew! I finally did it. I've been agonizing over this purchase for more than a year. On the one hand it would be great to have a long arm around for my own quilts, but on the other hand it is a very expensive machine and takes up lots of space. But back again to that first hand - I could earn some money quilting for all my friends who are really piecers rather than quilters. Whoops, but back to the second hand it might end up taking some of the fun out of quilting if it became a JOB. I finally quit flip flopping around about it a few weeks ago. Sometime tomorrow I'll hear from my local dealer with a date when my new Optimum Plus will be delivered. I'm guessing late January. Right now there are nine quilts lined up waiting to be quilted and suddenly my regular machine just seems way too shabby. Maybe I'll just spend the next six weeks or so shooting quilt tops out of my sewing machine and save quilting for when this bad boy arrives. By then I'll probably have a stack of sandwiches that fills the room.