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25 June 2008

Making Lemonade

Not long ago several of my quilting friends gathered at my house to sew and chat. We do this regularly. At one point a few of them expressed interest in how Terpsichore does her work so we trooped upstairs and had a go. I loaded a couple of pieces of non-descript neutral fabric and a piece of batting. Darcy chose thread colors (pink and red) and I demonstrated the basic functions of the machine by drawing a triple heart outline. Each of the others took a turn making hearts too. It was fun. Everyone caught on quickly and enjoyed the lesson. Later that day when everyone else went home I looked at what we'd done and decided not to throw away the "scratch quilt" but rather turn it into a little donation item.

This post is mostly for Darcy, Suzette, and my Mom. Here's what we made gang! It will be donated to project Linus through one of our local quilt guilds. Thanks for helping me make it!