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09 January 2009

January Quiltathon Preparation

The last one went so well how can I resist a good first of the year quiltathon? Like last time, the first step is going to be clearing off my sewing table where all the detritus of a needleworker's life collects. Scraps from finished projects, catalogs that I still haven't gone through, that one bill still needs paying...and THERE's my coffee mug!

This weekend I'll be assembling the top for the undersea quilt I made a layout for last month. It is super simple so it will go very quickly. I've a customer quilt on the machine right now that still needs finishing. I'll try to get it done before the weekend officially starts, but doing it right is more important than doing it fast, so I may end up spending part of my time this weekend quilting little pears and grapes which will be fine with me. I'd like to start the cutting for my black, white, and color quilt. Two teapots need to be appliqued (simple applique, but I've never done machine applique with clear thread before so I keep putting it off because of my fear of the frog stitch), and there's a quilting decision to make on my southwesty quilt. The Cranston fruit blocks that I kitted up last time should get sewn together this time, but it is probably too ambitious to say I'll get the top finished. Last but not least, there are two new tutorials on my tutorial site that need cleaning up before they are unveiled to the public. So my projects this time are again a good mix of easy, hard, thinkers and mindless. That should keep me working in the studio all weekend long.

Today I'll work on the sewing table (picking up shovel and eyeing wheelbarrow) and see about getting my ducks in a row project-wise so I will be ready to dig in early saturday morning.