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21 January 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Beth and I are of a mind. She likes autumn, I like stark contrast. She's going five colors, I'm going two. She started on the square in square units, I've started my nine patches. See how similar we are?

There's a bit of history here you haven't heard... As always we both watched Bonnie's most recent mystery unfold with interest. We were both fascinated with the block choices but neither of us wanted to make the quilt in her color way. In fact, we played with the coloration so much as we passed it back and forth between us in EQ6 that the blocks take a second look before you even recognize Bonnie's hard work is at the core of these quilts.

Like the sequel to any movie, the characters will be familiar to you, but the ending should still be a surprise. Stay tuned as we diverge from Bonnie's Double Delight in our own directions.