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03 April 2009

Reef World Mach 2

The octopus went in just fine. No sweat. Lots of little oval suckers, sure. In fact I still want to go back and put in a little more detail. But basically this went without a hitch. HOWEVER...

I've stitched and frogged and stitched and frogged on the diver (no picture because he's currently completely frog stitched out) all day long. I think maybe I'll just scroll around to a whole different section of the quilt until that corner has learned its lesson. It could be several days.

The original Reef World quilt can be found HERE. Mach 2 should end up looking similar but hopefully more professional. We'll see.

Ivory Spring - the next photo is just for you. Keep after it! (I named this bear Umbearto Eco after one of my favorite authors. He has snaps for joints and was made from less than 4" of bear fabric. The coin in the picture is a dime, not a quarter.)